Shade Or No Shade? Did Jeffree Star Just Subtly Accuse Kylie Jenner Of Stealing His Green?

Is this shade… about shade??

Jeffree Star posted what, in a vacuum, could appear to be a harmless plug for his liquid lipstick “Dirty Money.”

But it just so happens to follow Kylie Jenner‘s announcement of her new lip kit colors coming out April 10. And in that context fans are crying SHADE!

First, ch-ch-check out Kylie CosmeticsInstagram post from Tuesday:

Notice anything about that green color, “Ironic”?

Jeffree seems to have; he posted Wednesday:

TWICE he mentions how long ago “Dirty Money” came out. It’s almost like he’s saying BITCH I DID THAT TWO YEARS AGO.

Hilariously, some Kylie fans came to his comments thinking he was copying her! So we guess they do see the similarity…

Hmm. It’s certainly aboutshade. But is it shade??

[Image via Instagram.]

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