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My weekend plans
This is what we call a veteran move
The key is to keep the song playing in your head
Hi Haters. Bye Haters
This beer label
Obi on his off days
omg those legs | omg those abs!
Penny for your thoughts
Oh deer
When you click a link even though you’ve been warned not to
When your friend says ‘look at this’ and you know it’s going to be gross and you do it anyway
More like every generation ever
A little early Halloween inspiration for lazy people
Lovers in a dangerous time
Gotta hand it to him
To the victor go the spoils
Until next week


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America’s Latest Utopian Experiment
Movies, patriotism, and cultural amnesia: tracing pop culture’s relationship to 9/11
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The Drone King: A newly discovered short story by Kurt Vonnegut



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Lazy Builder Shovels Puddle

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This lazy construction worker proved water a plonker he really is by listlessly shovelling a puddle up a ramp.

Dressed in his bright orange jumpsuit, the brainless builder limply flicks the water from rainfall off the road in front of the site in Shanghai, China, up a short slope.

Barely scooping anything up in his trough, the majority of the rainfall just rolls back towards the puddle.

The lacklustre clearing job was caught on camera by the owner of the Instagram account Shanghai Observed as he was on his way to work on August 7.

He said: “It looked like the guy was one of the hosts from WestWorld working on a loop.

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