Organika Milk Thistle review

Organika Milk Thistle review – does Organika Milk Thistle work and any side effects?

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Derived from fresh European source milk thistle plants, Organika Milk Thistle provides liver detoxification and support in a convenient standardized extract capsule. Prescribed by doctors in Europe to patients with compromised livers, milk thistle has been clinically proven to cleanse the liver of toxins, regenerate damaged liver cells, and optimize the production of bile.organika milk thistle review

Organika Milk Thistle can be used for daily cleansing in a moderate dose, or for more intensive cleansing in a higher dose. Organika Milk Thistle is a standardized 80% extract derived from the seeds of the Milk Thistle plant.

Milk thistle was used historically as a digestive aid, to promote the flow of digestive juices, and as a tonic for nursing mothers, to increase milk supply.  Nowadays its popularity stems from its ability to detoxify and protect a very important organ, the liver.

Our liver is responsible for filtering out most everything that should not be in our body and processing it so that it doesn’t cause damage to other cells. It also metabolizes hormones and fats, and makes sure that the transportation system for fats (cholesterol) is working properly.  The livers secretions, called bile, carry metabolized waste products out into the intestine where they can be excreted.

The medicinal activity of milk thistle is in a molecule called silymarin.  It causes liver cells, hepatocytes, to resist toxic compounds and regenerate themselves.  It also increases glutathione in the liver.  Glutathione is an antioxidant that the liver uses to catch damaging free radicals that are created when the liver changes toxins into harmless chemicals. Silymarin also blocks the toxic effects of drug overdoses and poisonings.

Milk thistle is a bitter herb that causes the release of digestive juices and bile, thus helping with indigestion and intestinal cleansing.  Natural health practitioners recommend milk thistle for liver toxicity, indigestion, poisonings, drug overdoses, hepatitis, jaundice, gallbladder dysfunction and high cholesterol.

Organika Milk Thistle review – does Organika Milk Thistle work and any side effects?

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